SOYSAL Retail School


The Fundamentals of Sales and Services in Merchandising
Service Coaching (On-the-job Training)
Going Beyond the Sale Targets with Additional Selling
Managing Oppositions
Giving a Perfect Checkout Service
Telesale and Teleservice
Sales in Hard Times
Principles for After Sales and Installation

Store Managers
and Regional Managers

The Fundamentals of Store Management
Efficiency in Store Operations
Store Management in Hard Times
The Power of Visual Merchandising


The Power of Visual Merchandising
Visual Merchandising Study Tour
Visual Merchandising for Shopping Centers

Other Trainings

Basics of Retail
Retail Math
Merchandising Planning
Techniques of Budgeting
Hints for Strategical Marketing
Franchise Management
Management of Distributors
Finance for Non-Financiers
Methods for Key Account Management

Management of Regional Sales Teams

Individual Development Trainings

Train the trainers

Presentation Techniques

Effective Meetings

Time Management

Speech Techniques

Interview Techniques

Active Listening and Communication

9 Habits of Holistic Brain

The Language of Behaviors

Emotional Intelligence

Work Life Balance

Coping with Negative Emotions

Being a Professional

“Know how” or “Know Why”?

Professional Communication and Image Management

Creative Thinking- Thinking without Thinking

Strategical Thinking and Individual

Management and Leadership

Leadership in the Times of Change,
Crisis and Difficulties
Being a leader or not
Development Coaching
Understanding Different Generations
Change Management
How to Give Feedback
Blue Ocean
Motivation Techniques
Customer Types
Office Policies / Coping with Emotional Vampires
Team Building and Team Management
Regional Team Management

Sales and Customer

Sales Coaching
Customer Psychology
Building Professional Relationships and Sales Techniques
Effective Communication Techniques
“The first 4 minutes”- What to do for a great first impression
Effective Customer Relationship in Difficult Situations
Perfect Customer Experience
Effective Networking
Successful Telecommunication
Key Account Management

Persuasion and Negotiation

Persuasion and Influence Skills
Techniques of Negotiation
Problem Solving and Decision Making
Conflict Management
The Methods of Managing Oppositions
Stress Management

Collaborations and Solutions Partner


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