Mystery Shopping and Customer Experience Research

Launched by Soysal for the first time 30 years ago, Mystery Shopping® offers control and measurement of company performances at every point of customer interaction.  Through Mystery Shopping®, we give service to a wide range of sectors including retail stores, shopping centers, banks, automotive companies, food & beverage industry and gas stations. Mystery Shopping and Customer Experience Research provide supportive information and solutions for companies which aim to attain the perfect customer experience, excellence in customer services, advanced physical conditions and a high campaign effectiveness. 

Mystery Shopping

Store Visits– Auditing of services at physical stores for an excellent customer service.

Online Shopping Experience– Easy product finding, payment systems, after-sales services, delivery and return processes, measurement of online shopping experience.

Phone /Call Center– Auditing the service quality given by the stores via phone calls.

Benchmark– Analyzing services according to the sectoral averages and competition  

Customer Experience Research

Shopper-Exit Survey – Examination of brand perception and the factors affecting the purchase by the customer

Customer Satisfaction– Measurement of the customer satisfaction for the given services

Call Center Satisfaction and Quality Surveys– Measurement of the customer satisfaction about call center services. The voice records of the customers are periodically analyzed and the service quality by the call center employees are measured.

Dealer/Supplier Satisfaction– Measurement of the employee commitment and satisfaction in dealer/supplier companies. Dealer/supplier satisfaction is increased and expectations are determined.

Product Satisfaction– Measurement of the product satisfaction and quality perception of the customers

Observations on Customer Behavior – Beginning from the entrance to the exit of the customer, observation of the customer behavior in stores by experienced, unbiased experts.

Pricing– Collecting the sale prices of selected products without the competitive product names 

Employee Experience Research

Focus Groups– Group discussions with qualitative methods

In-depth Interviews– One to one interview with qualitative methods

Department Expertise– Visiting the stores to audit the product expertise of the employees working in the departments

Employee Satisfaction– Measuring the employee loyalty and satisfaction to increase employee satisfaction Internal

Customer Satisfaction– Measuring customer satisfaction of the different company departments getting service from each other

Store Audit

Auditing services through store visits by experienced, unbiased and expert auditors.


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