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Kaya Demirer, a graduate of TED Ankara College, studied Tourism and Hospitality Management in Hacettepe University and completed Hospitality and Food Services Management programme in University of Surrey in 1991.

Kaya Demirer’s 30 years career in the food&beverage and entertainment industry, started with a hotel management business in Yalıkavak Bodrum. His first experience as a restaurant investor and manager was with Karaf Restaurant which he opened in Gümüşlük, Bodrum in 1994. He continued his investments with Karaf Resturant in Ankara (1998), Havana Beach-Karaf in Bodrum (2001) and Niş in İstanbul (2002). He later introduced Reina Niş in 2003, G by Karaf-Reina in 2004 and Topaz in 2007 in İstanbul. He transferred his shares in Topaz, Niş and Lipsi brands to his partner and opened Frankie Istanbul Restaurant, located on the top floor of Sofa Hotel.

Demirer has been acting as Chairman at Turkish Restaurant and Entertainment Association (TURYID) since 2011, where he formerly served as Vice Chair for 5 years. He is also a board member at Turkish Federation of Shopping Centers and Retailers (TAMPF).

Kaya Demirer is a fluent speaker of English and still serves as Frankie Istanbul CEO and Chairman at Turkish Restaurant and Entertainment Association (TURYID).

Kaya Demirer donates his digital consultancy income to charity.