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Born in Gaziantep in 1965, Mehmet Ziylan studied marketing abroad and started his career in “Ziylan Shoes” founded by his father, whom he always regards as his mentor.

Mehmet Ziylan still serves as the Chairman of Ziylan Group, parent company of Flo Retailing with 50 years of experience in footwear manufacturing and retail.

Mehmet Ziylan aims that FLO Retailing, awarded with Retail Sun Award at Retail Days and incorporating leader footwear brands such as IN Street, Kinetix, Polaris, Lumberjack, Butigo, Dockers by Gerli, Mercedes, Nine West will become one of the 10 global brands that will emerge from Turkey in 2023.

Mehmet Ziylan donates his digital consultancy income to charity.